PHP Implementation of DKIM

PHP-DKIM add a Domain Key Identified Mail (DKIM RFC 4871) signatures to emails sent by PHP.

It is based on the openssl extensions of PHP. It can generate DKIM signature but cannot verify them. Php-dkim supports RSA signature and SHA-1 hash for DKIM. The relaxed header canonicalization is supported (only simple body canonicalization).

Php-dkim allows any PHP application to send email with a DKIM signature this should decrease the probability of getting this email tagged as spam.

Developped and tested on PHP 4.0 (should also work on PHP 5 and higher of course).

Further DKIM information is available at

Access the source code at the CVS repository:

Download the package (PHP & doc file).

Last update September 2008, Eric Vyncke eric at vyncke dot org.